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Only the best online casino companies have gathered together.



Company Name
- Club A (Casino A), Dragon 8 Casino, Amazing Slots, M Casino, ATM Casino, our series
Various game types
- Live Casino 
(BBIN, Oriental, Olvet, Micro Gaming, Ho Games, Asian Gaming, Evolution, Dream Game, VIVO (Pegasus), Tai Mountain, Von Hub etc.
- Hotel Casino
(Sun Castle Casino (Sun City Casino), Midas Hotel, Okada Hotel, COdo Hotel, Sole Casino, Pan Pacific Hotel)
- Slot Games
(Aristocrat, Microgaming, Asian Gaming, BBIN, CQ9, Betsoft, Playstar, GameArt, Genesis, Habanero, Fragmatic Play, Mocha Game, Top Trend Gaming, TPG, Plainson, Star Game, Novomatic etc. )
- Mini Game
- Sportsbook
(Golden Race, SBTech, BBIN, AsiaGaming, etc.)
- Lightning
ongoing event
- First time to join
- Every day
- Re-depositing
- Subscription coupon
- Comp payments
- All-In Coupons
- Tournament held
- Betting Wang Coupon
- Thai Thai Event
- Dai Sai Event
- One-leaf event
- Rolling Comp
Dragon Tech Solutions
DragonTech's complete integrated solution enables you to operate your business more securely and reliably.
Currently, we manage and maintain about 35 casino site companies around the world. All are affiliated with major sites.
We will be a partner to promise success of our representative with our own development technology and WINWIN partnership that we can not see in other online casino companies. 
Innovative cutting-edge software that will drive your business forward 
- Wallet system that does not make uncomfortable money move on Baccarat site
- DRAGON TECH's unique multi-platform system (UMPS)
- Advanced expertise in software development
- An innovative and complete customized solution for the online game industry
- Provide reliable online game products by certified GLI International Game Authority
- Best security solution and optimal stable server
- Various languages ​​and currency settings
- Detailed management tools for user management
- Choose from a variety of content (live casino, sportsbook, slots, fours and other games)
- A system that goes far beyond the old ways of our casinos (33 casinos, super casinos, yes casinos, first casinos, duck casinos, Obama casinos, Trump casinos, Gtsby casinos, Evian casinos).
- With the new concept system of internet casino, guarantee companies can only affiliate, and slot site, slot casino companies want alliance.
- We have a much bigger number of game images than the video sites of slot sites such as Slot Mania, Eggbet, Slotland, and Crazy Slots.
DRAGON TECH currently has subsidiaries in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and Korea. We are licensed by PAGCOR, a Philippine government agency, and NCGAC, an online game licensing publisher approved by the Philippines CEZA, (POGO), and we will do our best to provide safe and accurate service.
Solution Inquiry
Address Information  DTECH888.COM


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